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Wilhelm-Busch-Gesellschaft e. V.

The foundation of the Wilhelm Busch Society dates back to 1930. As a private institution, with approx. 2000 members, it is the main support of the Wilhelm Busch Museum. Its main purpose is to collect and research the works of Wilhelm Busch, to open it to the public and to support the development of caricature and graphic art as a recognized and appreciated branch of the visual arts. Exhibitions and publications add to this recognition.

Your annual ticket allows you to participate in our work on both collections: the art of Wilhelm Busch on the one hand, and caricature and satire on the other.
Ronald Searle, Café am Kröpcke

The Board

Joachim Werren (Chairman)
Jürgen Braasch  (Deputy)
Konstanze Beckedorf
Dr. Sebastian Scherrer
Prof. Martin Brauss
Barbara Krueger
RA Valentin Seidenfus

Dr. Balasubramanian Ramani

Managing Director
Dr. Eva Jandl-Joerg

Annual Membership

Becoming a member of the Wilhelm Busch Gesellschaft  allows you to enjoy the advantages of free admission to the Museum, reduced tickets for special events, exclusive guided tours, regular information about our events, and invitations to openings.

Interested? Our contact: +49 511 16 9999-11, or mail@karikatur-museum.de

Annual fee: 55 € for single adults, 70 E for couples, 30 E for juniors under 25, 40 E for junior couples.

We are looking forward to your membership and support


Gesellschaft e. V.
30167 Hannover
phone +49 511 16 9999-11
fax +49 511 16 9999-99

Sparkasse Hannover
IBAN DE64 2505 0180 0000 1166 10 

Nord/LB Hannover
IBAN DE45 2505 0000 0101 0240 08 

St.-Nr. 25/207/24611